Landon Kuhn • Portland, Oregon • US Citizen

Designs, implements, and operates software applications. Trained in business, expert programmer with a lifetime of experience, driven by genuine passion for Information Technology. LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow


thatDot • Senior Software Engineer • 2021-2022

thatDot is a pre-seed startup building a streaming data platform with innovative features such as an integrated graph database for stateful computation.

Programmed and supported product features, and improved quality of distributed software system. Scala, Akka, Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, Alpakka, Unix

Formant • Senior Software Engineer • 2018-2021

Formant is a series A startup offering robotic data collection, visualization, and controls. Web application includes telemetry visualization and export, fleet management, user comments and annotations, and service integration.

Developed full-stack metric collection and reporting application. Athena, Canvas, CloudWatch, DataDog, Google Sheets, Kafka, Kinesis, Kubernetes, Looker, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, React, S3, SVG, Tableau, TypeScript

Sunsama • Software Architect • 2017-2018

Sunsama is a seed startup with a unique team calendar and task management application.

Developed and operated full software stack. React, GraphQL, NodeJS, Meteor, MongoDB

MobileRQ • Software Architect • 2015-2017

MobileRQ enables targeted content delivery and push notifications for mobile and web applications. Acquired by Kochava in 2017.

Developed, operated, and supported software product, including all aspects of software stack. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Java, Scala, Servlet, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, RDS PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, S3, Spring

Janrain • Software Architect • 2013-2015

Janrain was a series D startup providing social identity and user profile management services for web sites and mobile applications.

Marin Software • Senior Engineer • 2012

Marin Software allows advertisers to manage online marketing campaigns across a variety of publishers, including Google and Facebook.

ClearAccess Inc. • Senior Engineer • 2009-2012

ClearAccess provided Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) software and customer-premises equipment (CPE) firmware to deliver device management based on the Broadband Forum's TR-069 standard. Acquired by Cisco Systems in March 2012.

Developed web application full-stack, including data models, web services, and front end user interface for management of wireless access points, cable and DSL modems, and NAT devices. Scala, Java, JavaScript, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring

QUALCOMM, Inc. • Senior Engineer • 2001-2009

Qualcomm designs, manufactures, and markets wireless telecommunications products and services based on its CDMA technology, and delivers integrated wireless applications and services.


Portland State University • The School of Business • Bachelor of Science • Business Administration: Information Systems

Graduated August 2001 with honors. Coursework included: